Sunday, May 18, 2008

WIP's and WIM's

This is an Edgerydoo receiving blanket that I started ages ago. Woohoo! It's done.

Edgerydoo fleece blanket.

This is another Edgerydoo flannel blanket that is on my hook now.

I found these fleece "pet blankets" at the dollar store yesterday. I bought 2 of each colour scheme. I am going to cut them into squares, edgerydoo them and make them into baby blankets. I love the paw prints...LOL

These squares are cut to 6" and will be edgerydoo'd and made into a blanket.

Next flannel pieces ready to go.

I finished my back garden yesterday. Unfortunately it is raining today so I can't take pics. Maybe tomorrow. It looks awesome, if I do say so myself....LOL

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