Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lazy day...well, not really

Had a bad night last night. Just couldn't stop coughing. Kainnon even got up at 2 o'clock this morning to see if I was okay. What a sweetheart.

Anyways, I have managed to get these 2 scarves done for the victims of abuse. They will be in the mail for tomorrow's town run. I don't think I need anything bad enough to venture out today. I swear the wind is trying to blow the house to Timbuktu.

Hopefully I manage to get more than just this done today. Will post later on (maybe)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Feeling semi-human (kinda)

Well I am 2 days into my anti-biotics and I am feeling semi-human kinda.

Still had to have a nap this afternoon for a couple of hours but that's okay. That is how the body heals.

I finally opened the January Charity Blitz package that I picked up yesterday. The hats and scarves are beautiful. The shelters/homeless will surely appreciate them.

I am currently working on 6" and 2 1/2 " squares for afswife's FA charity. Also going to make and sent some scarves to Ann for victims of abuse. Then I get to work on the Charity crochet for February....woohoo. It's Superbowl this Sunday so I should get lots of crochet done during the game.

Monday, January 28, 2008

It's official...I'm sick

Well I got my butt outta bed this morning. Made sure Kainnon was off to school and jumped into the shower.
I headed down to my doctor and it's official folks....I am sick.
She prescribed Biaxin for 10 days. So I then had to stop in town on the way home to fill my prescription. While I was in town, I mailed all the RAOK packages that were taking over my kitchen table and picked up a package for the January Charity Blitz. Ahha, I knew there was a table under all that.

Anywhoo, I took the drugs and headed off to bed. I just barely heard Scott head out and just barely heard Kainnon come in from school. I did manage to get out of bed long enough to check emails etc and make dinner. But I think I am going to walk the dogs now...have a bath...and then I am bed bound.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm finally wireless

Well folks we are finally wireless here. Scott managed to set it up without our computer guy's help.

I managed to get some crocheting done yesterday (in between mom's taxi runs). When I picked the kids up at the skatepark yesterday afternoon we took a tour into the Dollarama. Wow, that is a dangerous store. Everything is $1. I love it! I managed to spend $45.....LOL I picked up some yarn which has a really different feel. The label says 100% polyester. It makes really soft hats....I love it! I whipped up a few last night.

I am going to make a few more 7"x9" rectangles for Warm Up American CAL on Crochetville today and also some 6" squares for afswife's FA blankets.

I think I have managed to get a chest infection cause my throat and chest are killing me and I can't stop coughing (to the point of actually being sick to my stomach a while ago)....blech.

My plan was to clean off and organize my wall units today but I really don't have the energy for that. Maybe tomorrow.

That's it for now.

Friday, January 25, 2008

And more on that note....

So I managed to get all of my RAOK's done and packaged up. Ready to mail tomorrow when I go to town.

Scott stayed up for 27 hours straight. From 3 yesterday afternoon to about 6 tonight. He did get the railing up in the porch. Woohoo! Now I don't have to worry about anyone/or the animals falling down the stairs.

Kainnon is snowboarding. Having a blast I am quite sure. He has called me a few times. All is good.

Anyways, on to crocheting. Right now I am working on the crochet Half Moon Shawl from the Lion Brand website. I am on Row 21. I think I am going to have to add extra rows to get it to the size I want. I am using Caron SS and a 6 mm hook. I have taken some progress pictures but I don't have them loaded onto the computer yet. Maybe later on tonight. Wish me luck!

Today (so far)

Let's see, so far today I have managed to put both feet on the ground so I guess it's a good day so far.
I have vacuumed the whole house and have done 3 loads of laundry with many more to come.
I have made one 6" square and am working on another now. I then have a few more to make and package up to mail to lucky RAOK recipients.
Scott is busy doing something with lumber that he picked up at Home Depot this morning (I think he may be making the railing for the porch-before someone falls down the hole to the basement...LOL)
Kainnon went to see the Clippers game last night and is off snowboarding with the school tonight. Busy, busy boy.
That's it for now. Back to laundry and crocheting. ((Good thing I can do both at once))

My first post

Well, let's see...what have I been up to today. I did alot of crocheting (of course). I have a few more squares to make up and mail...then I can concentrate on my charity work.

My son and I went shopping when he got home from school today. I had to return the router I bought last week because apparently I bought the wrong one....who knew. So that's done...just have to wait for our computer guy to come over and hook it all up so I am not attached wires anymore. What is the point of having a laptop when you can't move it around?

Here is a pic of the Crinoline Lady (Ms. Frost) that I have finished.

Well, that's it for today. I have no idea why the "add image" thing didn't work...but hopefully the link to the pic will.