Monday, January 28, 2008

It's official...I'm sick

Well I got my butt outta bed this morning. Made sure Kainnon was off to school and jumped into the shower.
I headed down to my doctor and it's official folks....I am sick.
She prescribed Biaxin for 10 days. So I then had to stop in town on the way home to fill my prescription. While I was in town, I mailed all the RAOK packages that were taking over my kitchen table and picked up a package for the January Charity Blitz. Ahha, I knew there was a table under all that.

Anywhoo, I took the drugs and headed off to bed. I just barely heard Scott head out and just barely heard Kainnon come in from school. I did manage to get out of bed long enough to check emails etc and make dinner. But I think I am going to walk the dogs now...have a bath...and then I am bed bound.

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