Monday, March 24, 2008

I am getting sick of squares....LOL

I have now made a grand total of 315 squares for the Hooking for a Cure and I gotta tell you, I am getting sick of making squares.

As a group we are sitting at a total of just over 2100 squares. That's alot of squares.

7 days to go...............

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We are over 1200 squares!!!

And that is only for the first 13 days of March.....can you believe that????
The stack on the left is 126 squares made in ww yarn...that pile measures 3 feet high. The pile on the right are the 32 squares I have made so far in Bernat Satin.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I did it!!!

Well I finally made it to the 100 mark with the Hooking for a Cure Squares. Here is what the stacks look like.

Last night I worked on newborn hats for March's charity sure was nice taking a break from making squares.
Let's see.......oh, I also received this cotton from an Ebay auction...look at all the pretty colours.

Tomorrow I need to go into town because there is a package at the post office for me. I think it is from my Secret Pal. I can't even see my car right is buried in snow. I guess I really should go outside and help Scott shovel...or not!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Squares, squares and more squares

First 10 squares I made yesterday.
Second 10 squares I made yesterday. I now have a running total of 55!

Apparently all of this crocheting tired Patches out.
And Sassy just decided to stay outta my way. Look up.......look waaaaaaaaaaay up!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Squares done yesterday

I made 15 squares for the Hooking for a Cure contest yesterday. This brings my grand total to 35 squares to date.
I received this package from my unknown Secret Pal. How cool is this? I actually didn't own these pattern books before. Thank you UKSP.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well I finally got my invite to Ravelry (my name is TracyLeigh on ravelry) and I have been just kind of checking it out when I need a break. There is a part where you can enter your stash. Can you believe it? Who has that kind of time. I mean, I know I am not working at present, but I do kind of have a life.....kinda. I am busy making the Hooking for a Cure 8" squares for the whole month of March.
Actually I did enter some of my stash. Only the yarn/cotton that I just purchased yesterday plus a few odds and ends that I had in my rack up here in the living room.

Squares completed yesterday

Here are the squares I made yesterday for the Hooking for a Cure contest. There are 7 pink, 1 dark blue and 2 lavender. That brings my total to 20 so far.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Michael's is a bad, bad place...LOL

The Bernat Satin was on Sale 2 for $4.00
The Bernat Handicrafter cotton was on sale 4 for $5.00
I bought these two books because, well, just because....LOL
Oh, and the soy was $1.50

And, of course, you need candles to relax while crocheting. $1.50 each....LOL

Busy, busy, busy

I finished a fifth scarf for the victims of abuse. I will be mailing them mid-week.

Crochetville has started a Hooking for a Cure contest to aid in the research for a cure for cancer. For the whole month of March, we will be making 8" squares in the cancer ribbon colours. These will then be assembled into afghans that will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to find a cure. How cool is that?!?!? I made 10 yesterday and am working on my third of the day today.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March is International Crochet Month (who knew?)

This is good. This means I can dedicate the whole month of March to strictly crocheting right???
I mean I very rarely make myself anything. Although I think I may make myself another mesh tote bag for grocery shopping. Most of what I make goes to swap partners or charities. Speaking of which, I really need to get these other 2 baby blankets done. I also have preemie and newborn hats to make...and, and, and.....see what I mean. I need a whole month just to catch up on what I need to do nevermind all the patterns that I get overloaded with daily online...LOL

I finally finished my Seraphina Shawl. ((only because I put everything else away so I wouldn't be distracted))
Here is a close up of the work in the shawl. What a pretty pattern.
Close up of a Secret Pal finished item.
Another close up of a Secret Pal finished item.

Just trying to decide now what to work on next. I really should get my butt downstairs and deal with my craft/yarn mess. But I think I may have overdone it this morning. I cleaned/scrubbed the whole bathroom and the kitchen and cleaned the floors.
My mom just called to tell me that my brother is bringing his two little boys down to their place tomorrow morning and to see if I wanted to go down to see them. If I go, I will post pics of the boys. I haven't seen Jackson since October, but I have seen Benjamin a few times.