Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Moving backwards, then forwards!

So that lovely shawl I designed with the chophook is no more. I frogged it. I will find something else I want to make with it eventually.
Also, the baby blanket...yup, you guessed it....also frogged.
Ok well...I did manage to get a few more hats done today.

And a scarf for victims of abuse.

Here are some of the combo yarns I came up with yesterday.

So, I will use this to design a shawl for a FARA auction using one of Jimbo's chophooks. I have already made the drawing and just need to make the shawl (again)...LOL

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2kute said...

what's with all the frogging? LOL Last night I started a little baby washcloth for a shower. I spent more time froggint it than it actually took for me to finish it once I figure out what I was happy with. Maybe it's frog day or something. LOL