Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hooking for a Cure thank you pics

This is the Thank You card I received from Daisy and Bonnie for making 401 squares for the Hooking for a Cure blitz in March. ((that's my green square in the middle))

Inside of the card.

Keychain - has a crown on it and a little charm that says "I love 2 crochet".

Stitch markers. One of these also has a crown...LOL

Beaded bookmark thong. I love this one, it is just so pretty.

Yup, you guessed it...another baby blanket. This one is larger and wouldn't fit on my coffee table so I had to fold it.

Close up of edging. This is one of the combos that I wound myself. Combo of pink baby yarn and varigated soft.

And this is what is on my hook right now. It will be a shawl when I am done.


Joyannerose said...

Ooh Tracy, I love that shawl you are working on. I love lacey things. Post the finished product when you're done.
Joyce A.

Cherri said...

Tracy, that shawl is GORGEOUS!!!!