Monday, May 5, 2008

Busy Weekend

So some of the Casting off the Cold ladies met at Sally's house yesterday afternoon for show and tell, crocheting, knitting, gabbing, some really nice treats and tea. I ended up bringing home whatever baby yarn was left over. So I did some colour combining and came up with these. (my pics are always clickable).

One hat.....

Two hats. So far.

This is some of the baby yarn, etc that I still need to combine and spin together.

Here are pics of some of my stash. Don't mind the mess...I am trying to "organize"...LOL

The little cabinet-type things hold my little crafty stuff like pom-poms, eyes, buttons, beads, etc.

One of these days, I will have absolutely nothing to do but spend a whole day downstairs cleaning up and clearing out and organizing......maybe tomorrow....LOL

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CraftyAshley said...

Wow very cool! I love seeing pics of peoples stashes. One day I would like to have a space to put my yarn in right now it is in containers. Good luck with the organizing!