Sunday, May 4, 2008

Numerous UFO's

This is the boobie pillow that I finished the other day. Front view and back view.

Here is the baby blanket that I have now finished (I think). I did run out of wool and haven't decided if I am going to get more to make it bigger or not.

This is the shawl that I have designed using Jimbo's chophook.

Yet again, I have run out of yarn but at $35.00 a ball I don't know if I can justify the expense for just a few more rows and the edging. I will have to think about that some more.

And here is the wool for the next project. Yes I am going to move on to the next one because my LYS is closed today so I have to wait until tomorrow to get the yarn to finish the other UFO's. So the next project is going to be a felted hook case. Wish me luck because I have never felted (on purpose) before.


Barb said...

ooohhh the shawl you designed is GORGEOUS, and I LOVE that colorway!!

Camilla´s hantverkshörna said...


i like your boobie pillow and it´s was very cute. do you have a pattern for this boobie pillow?