Monday, February 4, 2008

Hm, been a few days

Wow, I haven't posted on here in a few days. Let's see, right now I am listening to a thunderstorm and hoping that it will stop so my dogs will stop freaking out....LOL

Crochet...I have been extremely busy crocheting for my charities. I have done 6 hats/3 scarves so far for the One Spirit Program in South Dakota. That is the charity that has been chosen for February. The packages are still arriving at my house from January's charity which was Casting off the Cold. Speaking of Casting off the Cold, I was contacted by the coordinator and asked if I would consider taking over Stouffville, Aurora and Newmarket. Of course I said yes. We make items for the homeless, as well as baby items for Project Linus and items for the shelters in the area.

Hopefully I can find some time tomorrow to upload some pics.

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