Sunday, July 13, 2008

Road Trip.

I went to check out a yarn store in Port Perry yesterday. The store is called "Never Enough Wool". I just love the name of the store.
The owner, Carol, was really nice and we chatted for a while. You know, of course, that I just had to buy something. I bought 3 skeins of Butterfly Cotton is a really pretty coral colour and 2 skeins of Kertzer On Your Toes bamboo in a soft pink colour. I thought the pink would make a beautiful baby dress. The coral cotton I have already started making a top for myself. I am making the Trellis Tunic that is in the April/May 2007 edition of Crochet Today!

Yeah! Something for me! This top will probably take me a while to make since my crochet time has been dramatically reduced since I started working full time again. Oh well, I don't really need it until the fall anyways.
I also bought a row counter that you just push a button on the top. Pretty kewl. The round row counters just don't work for me since the cats seem to take off with them when I am about 20 rows into my work.


Crochetheaven said...

That top will be so pretty. What color are you making it in?
And congrats on the new job! Always makes you feel better when you can get up and out of the house - even if it is for work. lol
Hope you have had a great weekend.

Crochetheaven said...

how do you keep the cat away from the bunnies? (forgot to ask)