Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An introduction to the zoo

I thought I would introduce my zoo to you since I am not crocheting that much anymore.
This is Magic. She is the guard dog.

This is Bugz. This is my brother's dog who is staying with us for a while.

This is Sassy. She is the Queen B^&*h. She is 10 years old.

And here is Patches. She is approximately 7 years old.

The grey and white one is Mittens. Mittens is approximately 5 years old and is Patches' daughter.

And my boy, Boots. Boots is Mittens' brother.

Missy is almost 2 years old.

And the baby of the bunch is Teddy Bear. He is 18 months old and is also one of Patches' kittens.

Here is Smokie...this is the mommy rabbit. I believe she is about 10 months old.

Hard to see in this pic but there are 3 baby bunnies in the cage with Smokie. I haven't named them because they are not all staying. They are 7 weeks old.

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