Thursday, June 5, 2008

Babies - both crocheted and furry

Look what I got in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!! Samina made this just for me. I do believe she is the best friend a girl can have.

Abigail sweater with matching hat.

Flower Baby Dress from Crochet Today (May/June '08). I just couldn't bring myself to put the flower on it. I also made some modifications to the bottom of the dress. This is the front view.

Back view.

And these silly little bunnies will not stay out of their mother's food bowl. I caught them at least a half dozen times today sleeping in there.


The Lady Wind said...

I am so happy you like the doily! You are such a good friend I had to make something for you!

Your dress is too cute! I love the two colors you used. It shows of the pattern nicely :)

I just want to cuddle those bunnies! So Cute!

Cherri said...

The doily is beautiful. Samina is pretty sweet! The dress is gorgeous and the bunnies are adorable. Can I have one? Just kidding. How do you keep your cats from eating them, lol?

TracyLeigh said...

Other than the kitten (Teddy) the cats really don't bother with them. Teddy is declawed and I quite often catch him sound asleep with both front paws in the cage.

Joyce said...

Samina did a wonderful job on that doily. What a sweet friend. The dresses are pretty and the rabbits, ADORABLE