Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby dress done!!

This baby dress is finished. I had started it for an 18 month old but I don't think it is big enough. I will start another one.

View of back of dress.

Close up of skirt.

I got home after work last night, unpacked my "craft" bag and started crocheting. The empty craft bag was on the couch beside me. Missy decided that was a great place for a nap.
Sassy being cute. She wants her belly rubbed....LOL


Pat said...

Hi Tracy,

Cute dress!

If you are making another baby dress, could you make it for 24 mths. as Olivia is a big girl. Her birthday is July 5th. I hope this won't be too much for you, there is no rush for me.

Thank you.

Pat said...


Sorry I forgot to mention, perhaps you could make a plain neckline instead of a ruffled one, that would be nice. Email me if there is a problem, ok.