Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hats and scarves for the Evergreen Centre

My workplace (Johnson Insurance) is having a coat drive....gently used coats to be donated to the Evergreen Centre (Yonge Street Mission). I thought it would be a great idea for Casting off the Cold to get our name out there so I asked Sally if CotC would be willing to donate hats/scarves to go along with the coats. She said yes. So I picked up 20 hat/scarf sets from her last week. Along with the 20 sets that the members of CotC donated I have managed to get quite a few sets done myself.
This is a scarf that is already done and I am working on the hat to match it now.

The following are some example of sets from members of Casting off the Cold.

I will be taking all of these into work on Wednesday and personally giving them to the woman who is organizing this drive at work. We are going to sit down together and write a letter to go along with the donation to the Evergreen Centre mentionning that it was a joint effort between Johnson Insurance and the members of Casting off the Cold.

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