Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally...some crochet pics.

Well finally. I can't believe I finished this top. This is the whole top.

Close up of sleeve.

Close up of diamond pattern.

Close up of neck line.

Close up of bottom.

So now that that is finished I have started in on squares for the Crochetville Ancient Greek Olympics games. I am crocheting 8" squares to raise FA Awareness.
I have set a goal of 25 squares. This challenge started today (the beginning of the Olympics in Bejing, China) and will end in 16 days (August 24th).
Okay I need to get some squares done.
I hope to post pics every day of the squares that I have made.


Joyce said...

Tracy, that's gorgeous. Any chance we'll get to see it on a model?

TracyLeigh said...

I do plan on wearing it to work on Monday. Of course I am the only one up at the time so it will probably be me taking the pic in the mirror...LOL