Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Travelling Hook III has arrived in Stouffville

I hear the mail truck coming up the I stand at the window to see if he is actually going to stop at my mailbox. He does!!!! I see him put a long thin white box into my mailbox. Can it be?!?!?!! No way!!!!
I go tearing out of the house, up the driveway, open the mailbox and there it junk bills.....only this precious white box.
The pic of this hook is beautiful...but I have to tell you folks....unless you actually have it in your hands you can't even begin to describe it. It's like butter or silk or .... nevermind....I can't describe it.
Okay...well I'm gonna be busy for the next week or so. LOL I will post pics of squares that I have completed for FARA/Jessica every day.
Okay, here is what I have done so far today....


CraftyAshley said...

Woho! Congrats!

Barb said...

lucky you his hooks are GORGEOUS!!!